Sandman is coming to town


Audition for the next creation which will start mid July 2019 with première + performances in autumn/beginning winter 2019.

Dates: 17 – 19 December 2018

Place: Antwerp (BE)

Here all the info at Kosmonaut Production.

!Please send video material for applying!

Highlights of the autumn:

After a lovely visit in Valencia to present the films That's it and Kali at the EIVV (International Meeting on Videodance and Videoperformance), we are looking forward to present Kali both in Lisbon at the Inshadow festival in december and at the Breaking 8 International Dance film Festival in Cagliari, Italy.

We also had some change of plans, making it a quiet autumn and which will result in a very busy 2019! Looking forward to share more on those projects when the time is ripe.

In the meantime Sabine is doing some nourishing one shot projects. Like last week at the Dutch Design Week, translating into dance one of the worksessions on creativity and innovation at the program Living in a paradox organised by BrabantDC.

She will also be part of the MUTE festival in Gent on 24 november in the inspiring building Duivelsteen with a surprise performance in silence - as is the whole festival!

And Sabine presents again her research project in the form of an improvisation installation at de Verkadefabriek at 14 dec, an evening of DansBrabant:


Drie meditatieve trips om het weekend mee in te gaan. Met werk van Katja Heitmann, Inari Salmivaara en Sabine Molenaar

Very exited to play at homebase Brussels in the fantastic program of the Revue d'avant Hiver of Les Brigittines. For this special edition Sabine plays a very short version of Almost Alive next to some other wonderful artists.


Upcoming dates

27.03.2019 Eindhoven (NL)
Almost Alive Parktheater
28.03.2019 Breda (NL)
Almost Alive Chassé Theater