Sandman is coming to town


Last november we had the premiere of Transmute in ccBErchem (Antwerp), directly after visited Posthof in Linz, had the Dutch premiere in deNieuwe Vorst (Tilburg) and the last show of the year in Korzo (the Hague). All making it a wonderful end of the year! In January we started fresh in cc deWerft (Geel) and now looking forward to perform in the Bellevue in Amsterdam on the 11th of february.

The 28th of march we will be at Cement festival where the traject Sandman started years ago with the solo works. As Transmute is the first group piece which makes it a new step on the path of Sandman, we will see this as a last and shiny appearance in on Cement festival... so don't miss it!

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Upcoming dates

25.03.2020 Amsterdam (NL)
UN-retained Cinedans
26.03.2020 Amsterdam (NL)
UN-retained Cinedans
27.03.2020 Amsterdam (NL)
UN-retained Cinedans
28.03.2020 Den Bosch (NL)
Transmute Cement festival
28.03.2020 Amsterdam (NL)
UN-retained Cinedans
29.03.2020 Amsterdam (NL)
UN-retained Cinedans
30.04.2020 Graz (AU)
UN-retained Klanglicht
01.05.2020 Graz (AU)
UN-retained Klanglicht
02.05.2020 Graz (AU)
UN-retained Klanglicht
03.05.2020 Graz (AU)
UN-retained Klanglicht
06.05.2020 Aarschot (BE)
Transmute Het Gasthuis
08.05.2020 Breda (NL)
Transmute Chassé Theater