Sandman is coming to town

News about our upcoming projects:


In synergy with dance, audiovisual production and the public space, digital techniques such as screen mapping and holographic projection in UN-retained support a timeless and weightless story of humanity.

For this video installation we filmed underwater: It was an honour to film in CineDiving, The Underwater Division in the freshly new LITES Studios last week: Million thanks for the big support for making our project Un-retained happen - *premiere at GLOW Eindhoven (NL) this november!

Here some fun pictures of the making of in the biggest underwater stage of Europe-9 meters depth...



Can't wait to start this creation for the new dance performance for stage that will première as well in november 2019. Sabine will be outside for the first time choreographing. Building on the good collaboration with visual artist and stage designer Amber Vandenhoeck, multimedia artist Gertjan Biasino and sound artist Jochem Baelus. A stage piece for four amazing performers: Josephine Terme, Lisa Bless, Janosch Horn and Marcia Liu Looking forward working with all of you!

A big thank you again for making everything possible to my partners Dans Brabant and Kosmonaut

See here on facebook some first pictures. Thanks for the great pics Britt Guns!!!


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